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 About NTUMUN 

NTUMUN 2020 Organizing Committee

NTU Model United Nations (NTUMUN) is one of the most prestigious international events organized by the NTU Debating Society, one of NTU’s premier clubs. Since 2006, students from around the world have come together to discuss important geopolitical and social issues in the annually-held conference.
NTUMUN is a unique platform for you to meet, discuss and collaborate with equally motivated and talented peers over the most relevant issues from across the globe. Over 400 participants from more than 25 countries attended NTUMUN 2019, and our network continues to grow to bring to you a challenging and enriching environment in 2021. In the past, NTUMUN has been graced by guests such as His Excellency Mr Paul Madden, British High Commissioner to Singapore; Her Excellency Ms Amanda Brooks, Acting British High Commissioner; Ambassador Barry Desker, Dean S Rajaratnam School of International Studies; Prof Rohan Gunaratna, an International Terrorism Expert; Ms Yeo Law Hwee, Director of the European Union Centre in Singapore; and Mr Geoffrey Yu, Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Singapore.
Our aim is to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on global issues and the conference is designed to acquaint its participants with the nations of the world community, their policies, and the problems that arise as these nations coexist. The nature of NTUMUN makes it very relevant to student communities, members of which are the potential leaders of tomorrow and who shall be influenced by issues around them and in the world at large.

United Nations





Promoting the skills of debating, diplomacy, research, critical thinking and decision-making.


Encouraging excellence through rigour and pragmatism among the councils.

Global Awareness

Developing a constructive change in attitude towards real-world problems beyond the scope of the classroom and advocating the importance of a global perspective.



NTUMUN 2022 seeks to bring to youths from all around the globe the experience of a premier Model United Nations conference. We aim to provide an equal opportunity to research, present, and debate on pressing global issues.

NTUMUN has grown to become one of the premier Model United Nations conferences in Southeast Asia. NTUMUN strives to inspire the youth to actively participate in issues affecting the community around them and beyond.

Our Logo

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NTUMUN 2022 Logo (1)_edited.png

With the global pandemic altering history irreversibly, almost everything known to humankind has taken a paradigm shift. It is more important than ever to adapt to new situations because what was once normal may never be again. In these times, it is absolutely necessary to be resilient and open to change. The theme for next year is “Acta Non Verba” which in Latin, stands for “Actions, Not Words.” Following up from last year’s theme, “Normalis Novum” (The New Normal), we have gained exclusive insights in cooperating and innovating to chart a new path in the ever-changing global landscape. The goal for NTUMUN 2022 is to encourage our newer generation of leaders and changemakers to work on actionable plans to make this world a safer, better place for all.
We are proud to unveil the official logo of NTUMUN 2022. The logo is an apt representation of who we are and what we aspire to achieve through this conference. 

🌎 The globe represents the international nature of our conference, wherein we invite participation from all nations and aim to develop global solutions.

🦁 The lion not only reflects our Singaporean identity but also conveys the values we encompass namely strength and stability. This lion caricature draws inspiration from NTU’s mascot, and thus visually communicates our geography and background seamlessly.

🌿 The olive branches surrounding the globe are a symbol for peace. Similarly to the United Nations' goal to facilitate international cooperation, we aspire to replicate it at our own scale.

💡 We hope to inspire students all around to develop leadership skills, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills through the conference!

Our logo may not seem like a conventional logo or a normal MUN logo, but then again, that is what this conference is about - creating a ‘New Normal’, your ‘New Normal’.

What our attendees say about us...

"It was wonderful to watch young students debating so passionately about issues that really matter. I am definitely going to return next year. Your conference gives a meaningful platform to raise awareness about the world's biggest problems."

Mai, Observing Researcher (NTUMUN 2017)

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