Conference Policy

     By participating in NTUMUN 2020, each participant agrees to abide by the rules of NTUMUN, Nanyang Technological University and the Nanyang Executive Centre. These rules are established for the participants’ safety, as well as for that of the conference venue and its other guests. All rules will be strictly enforced by the NTUMUN organising committee and the venue security team.


     As a participant of NTUMUN, you must agree to hold harmless, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Nanyang Technological University Model United Nations (“NTUMUN”) and their directors, officers, and volunteers, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, or obligations including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and expenses, which may arise out of your traveling to, participating in, or returning from NTUMUN. You must take full personal responsibility for all charges and damages to your hotel room if applicable. You must read, understand, and adhere to the Rules and Regulations of NTUMUN (as stated below), and any other pertinent laws or regulations in force at the conference location.


     You must also adhere to any additional rules promulgated by NTUMUN before and during the conference, including but not limited to those published in the Delegate Handbook, and those announced by the organising committee.  You must understand that refunds or other consideration will not be granted for any reason except as provided for by NTUMUN policy and procedure, and agree that you may be expelled from the conference at any time for violating this agreement with no expectation of refund. Refunds or other consideration will not be granted to those registered participants unable to attend the conference for any reason, including but not limited to inclement weather, travel delays, or illness. You must agree that this agreement is enforceable to the fullest extent of the law, and that any provisions herein found invalid as a matter of law will be deemed severable from the balance of the agreement.





Conference Venue and Hotel Courtesy

Participants will be held accountable for vandalism or any other damage that occurs in their accommodation and council rooms. Excessive noise, throwing objects, roughhousing, entering prohibited areas of the venue premises, and/or other disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. The conference and hotel reserve the right to reject service to Delegates for these or other disruptions to the safety and well-being of other hotel guests.



Delegates are encouraged to place their valuables, if any, in their hotel room’s safe deposit box or under their supervision at all times. NTUMUN, NTU and NEC are not responsible for belongings left unattended in public places such as guest and meeting rooms.


Alcohol Policy

The consumption and/or possession of alcohol and/or controlled substances at the conference will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any violation of this rule may result in expulsion of the participant’s school from the conference and hotel; criminal complaints may also be pursued against the Delegate in question.


Smoking Policy

Cigarette smoking is NOT permitted in the Nanyang Executive Centre except in designated smoking areas.


Dress Code and Conference Lanyards

The safety of conference participants is of paramount importance to NTUMUN. To maintain Delegate security, NTUMUN requires all participants to wear their conference lanyards visibly at all times, including Socials; all Delegates are required to adhere to the conference dress code as outlined in the Delegate Handbook.


NTUMUN has a zero tolerance policy for any form of academic dishonesty. Delegates are not allowed to bring in pre-written resolutions or submit position papers that have been prepared by some other delegate. Submitting the work of others as your own, or using pre-written resolutions, will be dealt with severely.


Expulsion from The Conference

The Secretariat reserves the right to expel any Delegate, delegation, school, or group thereof from the conference at any time for violating or failing to comply with conference regulations, or for any other reason. NTUMUN has a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment, including but not limited to physical or verbal abuse, threats, or mistreatment of other participants, guests, or committee members. Expulsions take effect immediately at the time they are issued. All conference registration materials (i.e. conference lanyards and placards) must be surrendered to conference staff upon expulsion.


Photography and Video

Throughout the conference, NTUMUN staff and representatives of the conference may take photographs, videos, and interviews of participants during and in between committee sessions, which may be used for educational, promotional, or other purposes by NTUMUN. By attending the conference and signing this form, participants consent to be photographed, videotaped and/or interviewed and authorize NTUMUN to use those photographs, videos, and/or interviews in promotion of NTUMUN choosing.


Interpretation of Rules

All authoritative determinations of fact and interpretations of conference rules and policies are to be made by the Secretary-General.

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