Topic: 1940: Churchill’s War Cabinet

     We take you back to the war cabinet of Winston Churchill during the infamous Battle of France. The Fall of France was a major win for Germany as it led to German occupation of not only France but Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. This period was arguably the hardest for the War Cabinet, having lost its strongest ally and dealing with huge internal conflicts.

As members of the Cabinet, it will be your responsibility to protect Britain, deal with a frustrated and rioting population, and turn the tide of the war in favor of the Allied Forces. 

     Several questions need to be answered- Do we continue this war that has taken thousands of lives? Should we attack? If yes, how? Or should we make peace with the Nazis and try and control their tyranny? Where do we look for help? Ladies and gentlemen, be on your toes throughout!

     As a part of Churchill’s War Cabinet, this is your chance to alter the course of the greatest war in history of mankind.  It is a battle against time where logic and courage will be vanguard. Delegates it's up to you to decide, how slippery is the slope?

The world waits and watches. 1940, the year that makes or breaks the world as it is known to mankind.

Expect the unexpected.

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