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 NTUMUN 2021 


Secretary-General: Mac Milin Kiran

Organizing Committee

View the organizing committee for NTUMUN 2021 here.


Guests of Honour

Ambassador Ong Keng Yong

Executive Deputy Chairman of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) at NTU

Director of Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies

Her Excellency Kara Owen CMG

British High Commissioner to Singapore

Conference Overview

NTUMUN 2021, our first-ever virtual conference, featured 8 councils, with 2 beginner committees, 4 intermediate committees, 1 advanced committee, and 1 crisis council. As a conference, all delegates underwent about 13.5 hours of debate over three days.


This is shown through the 30-odd working papers and 14 resolutions submitted. The council with the most resolutions submitted was UNEP, with 4 resolutions across 2 topics, while the longest resolution was 16 pages, from SOCHUM. On the other hand, UNSC’s longest resolution was 5 pages, on the Iran Nuclear Issue and the Renegotiation of the JCPOA. Delegates were also able to resolve at least one topic per council, overcoming individual country interests to find suitable middle grounds for each topic, fully embodying the spirit for diplomacy and cooperation in this new normal.

International Press Corps

At NTUMUN 2021, press delegates faced unique challenges offered by the New Normal we now live in. They reported on councils they’d never once stepped foot in and wrote articles about people they’d never seen before in their lives. And yet, they kept us informed through the high quality and variety of articles on the press blog and entertained through the short yet witty tweets via the agency Twitter accounts. With more than 60 articles written, and 9 different press conferences conducted, our small team of 13 delegates successfully collated information from across the 8 committees and disseminated it in the form of their witty and informative posts.

Conference Statistics


Total Delegates






Opening Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

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