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NTUMUN 2022 is proud to showcase its 8 committees, classified into three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Councils

Beginner Councils: Suitable for delegates who have little or no experience in MUN. The Academics team has prepared an introductory training programme tailored to each council. This will cover the basics of MUN such as Rules of Procedure and Resolution writing. The topics are also fairly straightforward, making it the perfect stage for you to put what you have learned from the training programme to action and adapt to the MUN environment. 

Intermediate Councils: Suggested for delegates who have been to 2 MUNs or more and are familiar with the structure of a MUN. These councils offer more contentious topics and give delegates more time to focus on debates and work with like-minded peers.


Advanced Councils:  Delegates who are experienced in MUN and seek an academic challenge are strongly encouraged to consider our three Advanced Councils. Topics in these councils are complex and multi-faceted in nature and require ample research. We hope to see a healthy competitive spirit in these councils, where delegates can showcase their skills and learn from one another. For those who want to challenge themselves further by trying something unique and less explored, look no further than the Historical Crisis Council. The dynamic and constantly changing nature of crisis forces delegates to think on their feet and work with one another under a time constraint. It is a perfect opportunity for you to test your limits.

*Committee and Council are used interchangeably as they have the same meaning in the NTUMUN context.


Beginner Councils


Net Covering Crops

Soldiers with Guns


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