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Disarmament and International Security Committee

The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), which is also known as the First General Assembly (GA1), is one of the six general assemblies in the United Nations (UN). Established in 1945, DISEC was made to discuss international security issues. Unlike the United Nations Security Council, DISEC is composed of more member countries and does not have the ability to enforce laws onto its members. Instead, DISEC is responsible for the proposal of issues that are to be tackled in the UNSC. DISEC also provides suggestions to the UNSC and possible measures that can be taken to resolve any security related issue.

Topic 1: Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the military Resolving the issue of terrorism in a digital world

With the advancement of AI, the military has been finding ways to integrate such systems into their arsenal. From speech recognition systems to lethal autonomous weapons the presence of AI in the military has been increasingly prominent. The issue related to the topic is the power and ethical dilemma provided by such machines. Without proper guidelines on the integration of AI, some argue that it may pose ethical issues in wars. Therefore, delegates will be tasked with determining the ‘ethical’ uses of AI, as well as the opportunities and threats that surround the use of new technology in the military.

Topic 2: Resolving the issue of terrorism in a digital world

The internet serves as a medium for people to connect with others from around the world. However, due to the public nature of the internet, terrorist groups also have access to it. A prominent example is that of the 9/11 attack when investigators claimed that Al-Qaeda used the internet to send messages to each other days before the attack. Today, the internet is mainly used as a means of spreading propaganda and buying equipment. While war on terrorism on the physcial front remains more controlled, the presence of terrorism groups online remain prominent. Delegates will have to discuss how new international legal frameworks against cyberthreats can be applicable to the management of terrorist ideologies online, alongside the spread of violence and sale of illegal weapons.

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