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Food and Agriculture Organization

Established in 1945, the Food and Agriculture Organisation is a specialised agency in the United Nations
system which aims to end world hunger. To this end, the FAO assists countries in building food security
by promoting international collaboration, advancing research and development in food production, and
providing policy advice alongside supplementing countries with necessary information.

Topic 1: Pesticide and Herbicide Use in Agriculture  Sustainability of Fisheries and Aquaculture

The rapid increase in the global population over the last century has consequently resulted in increasing demand for food. An estimated 80 percent of the required increases in food production must come from higher crop yields, and even a small percentage loss in crop yield can be disastrous. To protect crops against pest damage and competition from other plants, pesticides and herbicides have been employed at an increasing rate. This has led to severe health consequences in humans, and in terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Delegates are hence tasked with providing suggestions on how countries should reduce reliance on pesticides and herbicides, and transform agriculture into a safer industry for all.

Topic 2: Sustainability of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fish and other seafood are essential sources of proteins and nutrients for many countries, and over the past few decades, global fish and seafood consumption has increased fourfold. Continually increasing demand from a growing population places pressure on expanding fishing activities. This pressure is even more so on the aquaculture industry, which has already surpassed the production volume of wild catch. With the threat of overfishing looming alongside drastic environmental changes, this adversely impacts both inland and marine aquaculture hubs, putting part of the world’s food supply at risk. As such, delegates will discuss methods to develop the resilience and sustainability of fishery and aquaculture industries.

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