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United Nations High

Commissioner for Refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a United Nations agency with the mandate of protecting and supporting refugees, forcibly displaced communities and the stateless.

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Topic 1: Maritime movement of refugees

Crises such as the Rohingya and Greek refugee crises have gone on to spotlight the plight of refugees escaping dire situations in their home countries through sea. However, despite the tragedies that have occured, the maritime movement of refugees continues to remain an issue for a variety of reasons. 


Delegates in this council can expect to balance a country’s sovereignty with their obligations to the international community. Keeping the pandemic in mind — which has added a new dimension to this discussion — delegates can look to discussing solutions which will protect the dignity and lives of the refugees, while ensuring country interests are maintained.

Topic 2: Integration and employment of refugees

Without proper citizenship or official documentation of nationality, refugees lack access to basic necessities and employment opportunities. Apart from humanitarian and economic concerns, host nations often disregard the social integration of refugees. 


Key concerns regarding refugees such as resettlement or more permanent and secure habitation will be issues brought up in this council. Delegates will also look into the idea of providing education for refugees or measures that would increase the employability of refugees. Above all, this council will have delegates considering the obligation and feasibility of host nations directing national resources to such measures.

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